Environmental protection and manufacture of fertilizers are inseparable processes, which AGROCHEMA strives to coordinate. In the company’s divisions, we continuously monitor the status of the environment, sorting of waste and development of waste water cleaning equipment. By following the principles of pollution prevention, we intend to economically and rationally use natural and energy resources. The company’s divisions have four Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Permits (IPPCP), which provide a possibility to regularly perform the monitoring of pollution and rapidly react to the change of parameters.

We are continuously investing towards effective, environment friendly technologies, which are being implemented in the manufacture process, and pollution decreasing prevention means, developing the practical usage recommendations of liquid and powder fertilizers, implementing more advanced fertilization technologies, looking for possibilities to increase the effectiveness of fertilizers for harvest quality, to decrease the cost price of fertilizers and fertilization works and their impact on environment.

Our specialists with the help of seminars, publications and safety data sheets continuously inform our clients about the proper and environment friendly way of using the fertilizers and their storage.