About us

We are a reliable and honest agro-business company that has been developing its activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for 27 years. We are the Lithuanian market leader of liquid nitrogen fertilizers. We continuously develop the assortment and quality of nitrogen fertilizers, prepare consultations and practical recommendations for the clients, offer effective protection means of plants and purified bag of seeds.

For the buying-in of grain, in all of the country we offer a network of 10 elevators and you can purchase our goods in nine AGROCHEMA shops in Lithuania and in two AGROCHEMA shops in Latvia.

We help the farmers at every step, from the selection of the seed and its sowing to the buying-in of grain. We are happy for being able to contribute to their mission – meet the ever-increasing need for quality food.

For gardeners, we offer Lithuanian liquid and powder fertilizers, professional peat mixtures and, for not only all of the garden plants, but also for all of their growth stages, effective plant protection means.

We are all unified by a common goal-more harvest!


AGROCHEMA Company Group

– Four companies comprise AGROCHEMA Company Group: UAB “AGROCHEMA”, SIA “Agrochema Latvia” and “Agrochema Eesti” OU.

– AGROCHEMA also belongs to a concern “Achemos grupė” unifying more than 40 companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland and Sweden.




The twenty-seven-year road of AGROCHEMA to today:




AGROCHEMA and Agrochema plius merges and the company continue its activity under the AGROCHEMA umbrella.

“Agrochemos grupė” acquired “Litagros prekyba”, which became “Agrochema plius”.


In May, AGROCHEMA acquired the elevator of Kupiškis. On 30 June, SIA “Agrochema Latvia” was registered.

AGROCHEMA expands its activity in the Baltic countries and establishes a company “Agrochema-Eesti”.

The first-in-the-country shopping agro-center for farmers opens in Jonava.

In December, the fertilizers “Lyderis 4-10-12” is awarded gold medal in the competition “Lithuanian Product of 2005”.

Agrochema LV

In September, the common branch in Latvia is opened.

In the competition “Product of 2004”, “Lyderis SUPER” is awarded silver medal.

Exceptional liquid nitrogen fertilizer “Lyderis”, which received numerous awards, began to be produced.

NPK gamyba

Powder fertilizer mixtures NPK and NP began to be produced.

On 6 February, UAB “Skystos trąšos” was merged with “Agroprekyba” and UAB “AGROCHEMA” was established.


On 22 October, UAB “Skystos trąšos” was registered.