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Ecological granular cattle manure

Purpose and benefit

Granular organic fertilizers are manufactured from beef cattle litter manure compost.  Long-term effect fertilizers may be used for all the plants on closed or open ground and be suitable for ecologic agriculture.

Fertilizers better the physical and agrochemical features of the soil, increase the quantity of organic carbon and humus in the soil and restore exhausted soils. Fertilizers, which dissolved in the soil, shift in to easily for a plant digestible forms of food materials. Fertilizers increase the harvest and better harvest quality parameters.


Packaging: 1 kg, 4 kg

Total nitrogen (N) – 3%

Total phosphorus (P) – 1.5%

Total potassium (K) – 7%

Organic material – 72%

pH – 9

Micro-elements (S, Ca, Mg, Fe) – > 4%

Micro-elements (B, Mo, Mn, Cu, Zn, I, Se, Co) – < 400 mg / kg

When and how to use the fertilizers

Suitable for use in Autumn and Spring: locally, during sowing or planting, when pouring in to a hole or bed; during the primary fertilization, before sowing or planting, when pouring on to the surface and then inserting in to 1-2 cm soil; additionally, during vegetation; for everyday irrigation, after dissolving 1 kg in 20 l of water.

Fertilization norms:

• For balcony and pot plants, when mixing with soil in a ratio of 1:3 – 300g/m²