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Earth for plants

Purpose and benefit
Qualitative parameters

Earth for plants is meant for cultivating vegetables, decorative plants in open and closed ground, and for pouring-up the fruit trees and berry bushes being planted. Suitable for bettering the structure of light and heavy ground.


Packaging: 50 l, 80 l

Minimum quantity of organic material in the product – mixture of peats from raised bogs > 90% (level of peat decomposition: H4-H6).

Complex nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium NPK fertilizers, which balance the nutritional processes of plants, and mixture of organic fertilizers, limestone powder, regulating the acidity of the substrate and providing the plant with Ca and Mg.

Materials ensuring the instantaneous absorption of water: FIBA, ZORB

Electric permeability: EC (EN 13038): 45 mS/m

pH (EN 13037): 5.5– 6.5

Moisture – max. 65%

When and how to use

It is recommended to mix earth for plants with ordinary garden earth, this way, the activity of soil’s micro flora will be activated and increased.

When planting decorative plants, fruit trees, berry bushes, the roots must be poured-up with earth for plants or with a mixture of 30% earth for plants and 70% garden earth, this way, increasing the establishment of plants.