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About us

"Agrochema" is one of the country's largest agribusiness companies. The Company is actively expanding its operations in the Baltic countries, propagating innovation, product and service quality, accountability and respect for customers. The company produces liquid compound fertilizers LYDERIS, NPK fertilizer blends, sells all sorts of solid fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, seeds, feeds and additives, peat products, agricultural fuel and purchases cereals, oilseed rape, exchanges the grain to fertilizer, provides fertilizers on credit for farmers.
"Agrochema” group is built from these companies: „Agrochema Eesti” OÜ, SIA „Agrochema Latvia“, UAB “„Žemaitijos grūdai“”.
“Agrochema” General Director is Jonas Kaminskas.
The company maintains close ties with advanced agribusiness firms in the European Union and other countries. Based on these trading relations company offers only quality products and services for farmers.

UAB Agrochema 

Jonalaukio vlg. Ruklos doj., 55296 Jonavos distr.
Ph.: (8~349) 56142
Company code110548779
PVM code LT 105487716
A/s LT142140030000292238(EUR)
Nordea Bank Finland Plc Lithuanian section 
Bank code 21400  


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